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Beyond Tacos - 10 minute Meal

I love this quick meal idea for when you’re in a crunch and want something quick yet tasty to eat. This recipe is not only fast but it also incorporates fresh foods like salsa and guac, fresh onions, lettuce or greens.


All ingredients are from Trader Joe’s.

-vegan beef crumbles (or any beef of choice. I have used Trader Joe’s beef crumbles but my recent favorite is Beyond Meat)

-Fresh Pico de Gallo fresh from their deli section

-hard taco shells

-fresh chopped onions (optional, the pico de gallo already has onions)

-chopped cilantro (optional)

-chopped lettuce of choice (lately I’ve been using micro greens because they’re more nutritious)

-a sprinkle of taco seasoning or salt (but really it’s flavorful enough)

-1 package of individually wrapped guac (they have really decent ready to eat quac)


1. Warm up/ toast the taco shells. I do this in the oven for about 5 minutes making sure it doesn’t burn.

2. Cook the beef in some oil to your liking in a pan or skillet. I like my beef a little crispy - taco truck style. Sprinkle in some taco seasoning and pinch of salt if you’d like.

3. Mix in some pico de gallo. That’s it.

Put all ingredients into taco shell and assemble to your liking. Additional hot sauce if you like but it already taste good like this.

Pair with a bottle of beer of course! I like kombucha beer 🍻

This is tasty y’all. It’s perfect when you’re tired and crunched for time and energy and want a quick meal fix. Enjoy!

I’m under 100 lbs and I can eat 4-5 of these. How many can you eat?


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