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Plant-Based Oreo Milk Shake 🌱🥛🍦 — and Shoot Settings

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Now, one thing I must say is that this isnt verified it certified Vegan. I’m unsure if the sugars they used are organic or vegan and some vegans are particular about food factory cross contamination. If so, then this simple throw together recipe may not work for you. I used to be really rigid and particular for several years of my vegan journey but I’ve become a slightly more relaxed about things like that recently. So, do what’s right and good for you. No judgment here. Just trying to enjoy some yummy recipes with minimized impact on animals and the world. It’s not perfect but we still try. :)


Total Time: 3-5 mins

Yields: 1-2 shakes


  • Oreo Cookies from Trader Joe’s

  • Non-dairy Almond Vanilla Ice-Cream (1 container will only yield 2-2.5 shakes approx)

  • Plant milk of choice (I used almond but I think soy would be a little thicker and creamier)

  • Cherries — optional


  • Pick the serving glass you plan to have the shake in, fill it about 3/4 ways . Fill to the top with some plant milk

  • Transfer it into a blender and throw in 1 oreo cookie. Blend to desired consistency. Adding more milk or ice cream until you're happy with the consistency.

  • Transfer back to cup

  • Crush an additional orea and spoon it in for chunky oreo effect


Top with cherries if you'd like or even blend in some de-seeded cherries . Yum!

You have about 1-2 minutes to snap a pic for the gram before it melts.

Enjoy! Tell me it's not hella good!

The products you'll need from TJ's -- Casually shot on Iphone 8 Plus



Ok! Let's talk about the shoot finally! I often share the recipes first but what motivates me to even cook or make a recipe is to get the shot. You know I'm all about the pictures. So, the shoot is as important or even more so important since it is the motivating factor and initiator often times!

I generally buy food that I would like to eat that week but that I would also like to shoot. So, that's how that goes. Planning starts from the mind, then the grocery store, then the kitchen and then the studio. Sometimes kitchen and studio are simultaneous and synonymous.


Large north facing window to right, shooting table same level as bottom edge of window simply because my table is difficult to adjust. Ideally, I would love it slightly below the window's edge.

Reflector opposite window slightly angled to light the left front of the subject.

All natural light because it's beautiful and it's free, not as reliable as artificial light due to it's changing nature but also a lot less set up required. And I like to avoid big production and extra work if I can.

Shoot time about 3:30 - 4:30 pm, no diffuser


F 4-4.5


ISO ABOUT 500-600




I wasn't sure if I wanted to do an ice-cream shoot or a milk-shake shoot. I was still designing and deciding as I went along until the very last minute. I knew that this stuff would melt fast and I would have a matter of minutes to capture my shots so I had to lay out the composition, and set up my studio to be ready to shoot (when I say studio I mean photography boards and reflector on my dining table where I usually set up my food shoots. I wish I had an actual studio but this will do for now until I hit the Mega Millions).

Originally I wanted to make 2 milk shakes and go for black and whitish theme and get a shot like this but I couldn't justify having to eat 2 milk shakes or wasting the ingredients if I didn't want to eat both shakes. So, I replaced the background glass with the ice-cream container. It worked out asthetically and compositionally and also added a pop of color , which added an element of fun and youthfulness for me. It sort or reminded me of an old school diner or ice-cream parlor where you would order a shake and someone on roller skates would bring it to you. You know, what we've seen in movies. I don't think I've ever eaten ice-cream that way.

I quickly arranged the scene with cookies and ingredients that are part of this recipe. Ice-cream melts hella fast so you have to work quick. It was messy, or maybe I'm just messy. Lol I spilled milk and ice cream everywhere while blending because of my own carelessness since I was in a hurry. I even bumped my shoulder and gave myself a bloody scrape. So, word from the wise, or not so wise lol, slow down, don't rush and make a mess or give yourself an injury or crack your lens as I'm known to do during my shoots.

Take a shot, look at it. Re-compose, change settings, move objects until you like what you see. Some photographers even sketch out their composition in advance. I'm not that hardcore. I'm medium core I would say. Or actually I'm just too lazy. Lol But, take the approach that works best for you.

I was pretty happy with the final shots. It feels fun to me when I look at it and it's actually a legit throw together recipe. So damn good, really. Photos were edited in Lightroom Mobile for quick and easy upload.


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