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Spinach and Tomato Grilled Cheese -- Vegan

These days my schedule and days are non-stop from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. It's exhaustive, and while I am still cooking and making full recipes, simple recipes essential to my life and I rely on them for quick and delicious nourishment.

I bought a loaf of white bread yesterday so all my recipe creations for this week will most likely involve bread of some kind. Stay tuned for more bread-tastic recipes! :D

I've been dreaming of eating grilled cheese again and today was the perfect overcast day for it. I especially wanted to try out making one with my mini pancake griddle from Dash. So, I put it to the test today and I nailed it on the first try. :D If you don't have this or a panani or sandwich press, it's fine. You can cook your sandwich stove top the regular way, so don't panic and fear not. There's room for creativity.

I made this using ingredients that I had handy. And, I expected it to taste good, but heck I didn't expect it to taste this good! Lol. That is because each vegan cheese you buy is always a little different. Even the ones you make at home all react a little differently when cooked. And I have never made this sandwich using this combination of ingredients before. But well, I'm happy to report it works everyone! It beyond works. I want to eat this again already.

So, what does it taste like? It's savory, it's creamy, slighly garlicy and a tad tangy and sweet from the tomato slices. Oh man, my appetite is getting worked up again just thinking and talking about this.

Scroll down for the recipe folks.

After 5 minutes the cheese looks like this. Kind of like when cheese firms and sets on a pizza. Don’t be put off. It has nothing to do with the taste.

That’s my pink mini griddle by Dash in the upper right



Prep time: 5 minutes approx

Cook time: 5 minutes approx

Makes 1 sandwich


Dash Mini Pancake Griddle, sandwich or panini press -- or a regular 6-10" pan

Spatula or cooking paddle


  • 2 slices of bread

  • 2 slices of cheese -- I used gouda Follow Your Heart Cheese because that's what I had

  • Small amount of Spinach -- I used about 1.5 - 2 tbsp of frozen spinach with the water squeezed out . But you can use a small amount of fresh spinach as well

  • Tomato Slices -- I didn't have large tomatoes so I used 2 grape tomatoes finely sliced. When I say fine I mean 1/16" wide

  • Sprinkle of nutritional yeast

  • Sprinkle of salt

  • Sprinke of pepper

  • Sprinkle of garlic . You can do a sprinkle of onion powder to if you'd like. I didn't

  • Sprinkle of Chickenless seasoning from Trader Joe's -- optional

  • Cooking oil or plant butter -- for pan seasoning

  • What I wish I had but didn't : pesto sauce. But it was still way good without it so this is optional . Something to try in the future.


  1. Plug in and warm your sandwich maker

  2. Assemble the sandwich on a plate. Follow this order: bread, 1 slice of cheese, layer of spinach, layer of tomatoes, add the seasonings now or inbetween layers, 1 slice cheese, 2nd slice of bread .

  3. Sandwich Maker or Press: Spray or brush some oil or butter onto the sandwich maker. Put the sandwich in and close lid. If it doesn't want to close just hold it down for a little while. You can flip the sandwich if needed and add more butter and cook until designed brown or goldeness.

  4. If using a pan: Oil or butter the pan, add the sandwich and use a wide cooking spatula, wooden or metal, to press and hold the sandwich down. Once the sandwich flattens enough you can spray some more oil and do the same to the other side. Cook until desired goldeness. Another option is to butter the bread directly. Up to you. Play around and see what you like.

That's it! Enjoy this quick fix. If you make it let me know what you think of this recipe or how you changed it to make it your own. Snap a pic and tag me on the gram @jengo.daily or #jengo.daily. I would love to see your creation! Bon appetite!


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