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Vegan Elotes - Street Corn 🌽


Vegan street corn y’all. This takes me back, way back to my child hood when I would sit and patiently or impatiently wait for the corn man to come around to my block.  Of course back then I wasn’t yet Vegan but now I am and I am so happy I can finally have this again. It’s a comfort kind of thing. It is the perfect compliment to summer BBQs. Try it out. :)


Prep time: 35-45 minutes approx

Ingredients: -Corn on the cob (as many as you like) -Mayo (I use veganaise) -Parmesan (vegan parm for me . If you don’t have vegan parm it’s ok you can use salt and garlic powder it will still taste hella good) -Miso Mayo — optional (comes in a squirt bottle. you can buy this at Sprouts or Whole Foods) Chilli powder Paprika Garlic powder Chilli & lime seasons — optional -Lime -Wooden skewers (I used chopsticks)

Instructions: Boil as many corns as you’d like. I actually steamed my half corns for 30 minutes. You can break the corn in half or eat them whole

Stick the wooden skewers into one end of the corn. Using a spatula slather corn with mayo.  Sprinkle on parmesan at this point making sure to rotate the corn for even coverage.  This is traditionally made with parmesan although I actually forgot to buy some so I subbed by sprinkling with salt and garlic powder. It still tastes hella good.

After sprinkling with parm or garlic and salt, what have you, sprinkle on the chilli powder. I like to also add paprika for its pretty red color and some additional chilli lime seasoning for texture. Squeeze some lime juice onto it and squirt a zig zag line of miso mayo on top for additional decorative flavor. Top with chopped cilantro for garnish. Voila, enjoy!


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