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Vegan Frothy Hot Milk

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Hot Forthy Milk and Cookies. 🍪🥛That seems to be my favorite combo recently. It’s so delicious and ultimately warming and comforting, and ridiculously easy requiring only 2 ingredients snd 5 minutes of your time. It’s a total cheat and shouldn’t be a recipe but I wrote one anyway. I consider this a vegan liquid junk food drink. Check it out down below.

Btw, let me explain that this recipe is only meant to be lightly dusted for a pop of color. I was heavy handed here for photo purposes only..

Heavy dusting for photo only -- do not follow this . You could but it's not how I intended this drink to be.

Ideal amount of dust

This is a pretty sweet creamers so you'll need to dilute it.

I recommend these cookies as I just love this combination. But obviously you don't have to and any cookies will do. :)


Total time: 5 minutes

Yields: 1 serving

**You will a small pot, ibrik, and milk frother and a drinking mug. If you don't have a frother you can use a coffee press to aerate the milk, or skip altogether as the milk will naturally have some froth and foam when heated.

**All proportions are approximated. Adjust to your preference and taste


  • Trader Joe's Coconut & Almond creamer or milk of choice (If using an unsweetened milk, you'll need to add a sweetener like maple syrup, date syrup, or sugar). This one here is pretty sweet already. No sweetener needed .

  • Water

  • OPTIONAL: Cocoa Powder for dusting and garnish

  • OPTIONAL: cinnamon stick as garnish and stir stick


  1. Using your mug, fill it one third way with water. Then fill another one third with the creamer (cup is now 2/3 full about 1:1 ratio. Taste & adjust to your preference). Do not fill all the way as the milk will froth and aerate and expand. Then pour the mixture into an ibrik or pot and boil over medium to low-medium heat .

  2. While boiling use the milk frother and give it a good mix for a few seconds (or do this at the end, your choice). If using unsweetened milk and adding sweeteners, now is the time. Once boiling and frothy (you'll know its done when it starts to rise. Don't walk away, this process can happen very quickly and sneak up on you), turn off the heat and gently pour into the mug as to not disturb the bubbles. Leave a small amount, about 1/8 - 1/4 of the milk in the ibrik or pot and froth is some more for about 5-10 seconds until it doubles or triples in volume. Pour and spoon the rest in to top the mug.

  3. Sprinkle with cocoa powder or cinnamon if desired. Add a cinnamon stir stick if you feel like being fancy.

Recommendations: You can garnish with a stick of cinnamon or candy cane by placing them into the mug and using them as stir sticks.

Voila! Enjoy this super easy, fast, delicious, warming hot milk drink. Snap a pic for the gram and tag me @jengo.daily or #jengo.daily . Thank you for visiting and see you next time!


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