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Vegan Oreo B-Day Cake

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I really wanted this Vegan Oreo Cake from Wholefoods for my b-day. You have to order it 48 hours in advance. It’s pretty good. A small one will run you about $20 and the next size up just under $30.

Of course I had to take pics of it before cutting it! But well, a little mishap happened....my reflector fell right onto my cake and smashed the side of if while shooting. So, the shoot didn’t last long but I got a few shots I liked.

Let me know which background you like better, the dark or light. In an online poll the darker one won by a slight.

You can see in this last photo I should have used a narrower aperture to get the front of the cake to be in focus. But well, photo shoots don’t always go perfectly and I didn’t notice until I was done shooting. Oops 🤭

Did you notice also the right oreo is smeared with icing? Yup, that’s because the reflector fell on it. I salvaged as much of the cake as I could. Lesson learned, don’t be lazy - stabilize your reflector.


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