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Vegan Sauerkraut Chilli Dogs 🌭🌱

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

So it’s almost summer and even though it’s pandemic time and we can’t be outside freely it still ignites a craving in me for hot dogs. Summer is the perfect time for grilling and hot dogs are a quintessential summer food. My body knows this biologically. lol.

And, lets face it, sometimes you just don’t have the energy or motivation to prepare a full or elaborate meal. That’s when this quick throw together recipe comes in handy.

Recipe and shoot all the way info below.


Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time 10 mins

Yields: 4-5 hot dogs approx


  • 1 can vegan chilli -- I get mine from Trader Joes -- see pic below

  • Chopped onion about 1/3-1/2 cup

  • Sauerkraut -- I also get this from Trader Joes

  • Vegan shredded cheese -- I used chedder by Daiya

  • Field Roast vegan sausage original flavor -- I recommend this brand

  • Hot dog buns -- I used wheat

  • Ketchup

  • Mustard

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Salt


  1. Toast your buns and set aside. You can either do this in the oven or stove top like I did . I also sprayed my buns with cooking oil before toasting because I'm oil friendly and I like my food shiny looking as opposed to dry

  2. Heat the hot dog links in an oiled skillet until they get char marks. Or grill them.

  3. While the hot dogs are cooking heat the chilli on stove top or microwave. Taste it. If too bland add salt. I find I always have to add salt to the Trader Joe's canned chilli. I also add cayenne pepper at this point for a nice kick.

  4. Assemble the hot dog. Put ketchup and mustard on the buns, then add the hot dog, top with fresh chopped onion, cheese, sauerkraut, for the most asthetic effect. Voila. Enjoy with your favorite summer drink.

NOTE: Vegans, this doesn't taste exactly like a "regular" hot dog but it's pretty darn close and you will be super pleased to be able to enjoy a hot dog. I would say on a scale from 1-10, it comes in at a 7.5-8 when compared to the meat version.

NOTE: be prepared to have onion breath. Have mouth wash handy and don't breathe on others.

TIP: Sauerkraut and fermented foods are super good for you. Try to eat a serving of fermented foods everyday for gut health. Don't throw away the sauerkraut juice. Take a tablespoon of it for a dose of live cultures and probiotics. Or use it in place of lemon or vinegar, like on a salad. Do this gradually so your body has time to adjust and you can bump up your intake after a few days of tolerating it well.

Check out my friend's Mikyla's blog for more incredible vegan recipes and 4th of July recipes https://flaxandsugar.com/best-vegan-recipes-for-the-fourth-of-july/ and check her Instagram @flaxandsugar https://www.instagram.com/flaxandsugar/?hl=en for more photos

Check out Chelsea's amazing and simple Vegan recipes on Instagram @ peachhtreee https://www.instagram.com/peachhtreee/?hl=en . She has a bomb vegan pulled pork slider up on her page.


BEHIND THE SCENES : Shoot Set Up and Settings

Admittedly, I had a hard time styling and composing this shoot. It took me nearly an hour to decide on the props I was going to use from my limited collection. I had to consider how I was going to style the hot dogs, what plates and colors would go well with them, what overall mood I wanted to create from the props I had, what angles would the hot dogs look good from, does that food look shiny, juicy and appetizing, and how to fold that damn napkin. Those damn napkins took forever and I'm still not 100% happy but well they're good enough. It's a lot of work having a photoshoot, especially if you're the photographer, stylist, and cook.


Canon EOS R

100 mm

Aperture: 4.5

Shutter: 80

ISO: 400-800 approx

White Balance: shade

Reflector used for most images

Natural light, north facing window, around 3pm

No diffusion


Camera angles: straight on, overhead, 45 degrees


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